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Following these instructions will help you update your Netduma R1 to the latest version which is currently 1.03.6g

(1.03.6h if you ordered after June 1st. 6h does not have additional features. If you're on .6h please do not downgrade to .6g).

You can find out what version you are on by going into the R1 control panel and scrolling down to see the version you are on.

Instructions To Update

  • If you are on a version lower than .5 do not upgrade. Please post here so we can check your router.
  • Download this file (1.03.6g)
  • Go to the upgrade section on the router (bottom left of the R1 control panel)
  • Keep “Preserve settings” ticked
  • Keep “Check version” ticked
  • Upload the .sig file you just downloaded
  • Click Upgrade
  • Wait until it takes you to the main page, the R1 will make a beep sound when it has restarted

If after upgrading you cant connect to the R1 control panel check that your device has connected to R1.

Future upgrades

You can always keep an eye on the forum for discussions on future updates and their contents.

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